How to take care of your cactus is a game about how I feel towards social anxiety. I need some space, but I want for people to take care of me too. It looks complicated, but it's all about how to find a nice balance between social relationships and self-care.

I made an alternative controller with Play-Doh and Croc & Play Ebotics to have a better and closer experience.

Music by Xabier Pérez del Val.


Look after your cactus with tons of love and a bit of water. But beware: too much neglect or too much attention and it will start withering. You'll have to find a balance!


You only need your mouse to play. 

Click on left button to give some love to the cactus.

Click on right button to irrigate the cactus.


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Is it bad that I killed the cactus to see what would happen? Anyway the art is really cute and I love the simple mechanic! 

xDD! Thanks! 💕 I think that everybody is waiting to see what happen when the cactus is dead 🤔

It's cute! I killed my cactus just to prove if I could... Just like in real life jajajaja (but in real life it's not what I try... I just sadly appens xD) 

hahaha! I can't have a cactus for the same thing :(